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The Legendary Water Temple. Surely you must have heard of this Temple? Perhaps in stories of days gone past, or perhaps you saw visions of the Temple in your nightmares. Either way, it's time to beat this temple.

Before you go to the Water Temple, you must get 1 more blue flame from the Ice Cavern. After you get it, melt King Zora to get the blue tunic. This will allow you to stay underwater much longer.

To get to the Water Temple :

Ride Epona until you get to Lake Hylia. Go to the center of the lake. The lake should be dried out and you should be able to walk to the door using you iron boots. Equip your iron boots and walk to the door at the bottom of the lake. Now open the door.

To beat the Water Temple :

Having problems finding keys? We put them in bold so you don't have to read the whole thing if you are just missing a key.

When you enter, you should be in a flooded room. Switch boots to your Kokiri Boots and float to the top. You should now get out of the water. Go to the edge of the ledge, and put your Iron Boots back on. Now jump in the water to the right and go through the passageway at the bottom of the cave.

Now follow the path until you meet Ruto. Take off your iron boots and float to the top of that cavern. You will then get to a room with a door. Go through the door and fight the spikes, hitting them with your hookshot. Now exit this room and walk to the left. You should be standing in front of a Triforce on the wall. Stand in front of it and play Zelda's Lullaby.

The water should lower, so jump down to the bottom floor. When you are at the bottom, align yourself facing the lit torch, and behind it should be the unlit torch. Fire an arrow through the lit torch, then it should catch the unlit torch on fire. Do this to the other torch and the door should open.

Go inside the room, and defeat the clams. Wait until they open their mouths and hit their internal organs. This should kill them. You will then get a small KEY.

Now go to the main room. It should be shallow by now, so go to the door with the lock on it. It is located in the center of the room. When you enter, go to the farthest block. Face up with the hookshot and try to find a hookshot catcher thing that the hookshot will hold on to. Shoot the hookshot at it to come to another Triforce on the wall. Play Zelda's Lullaby again to make the water level change.

Now go back to the same place that you first lowered the water at. Since you can not go all the way up, get out of the water where the crack in the wall is. Place a bomb next to it and watch it explode. Then run in there and get the KEY out of the chest. Now that you have another key, you can open another door.

Now head back to the main room. Float up to the above water floor. Now search for a door with a lock over it. Jump over to it with the hookshot and open it. When you get inside, head to the right and stand in the middle of the water spout. Shoot an arrow at the diamond to lift yourself up to the next level.

At the next level, jump off the spout and go through the door. Now play Zelda's Lullaby at the Triforce. This will raise the water level once more. Now jump down and over to the third floor. Go back to the bottom and through the door that you first went to. Now float to the top and play Zelda's Lullaby by the Triforce. This will set the water level to the bottom floor. Now go out to the main room and find the pinkish block that you can push. Now push it as far as it will go.

This will leave an opening to swim in. Jump in the hole and put the iron boots on. Then walk until you get to a hole on the ceiling. Now put the Kokiri Boots on and float to the top. Then get out and head for the door. Hit the diamond with your sword and then jump onto the spout and to the other side.

Now go through the door, and put your iron boots on. Jump into the water and fire the hookshot at the dragon's mouth with your hookshot. Then put on the Kokiri boots and swiftly swim past the gate that opened. Then surface, get out of the water, and get the KEY out of the chest.

Now hit the diamond so the gate opens again. Now swim through the passage quickly. Now go all the way back to the room with the diamond that makes the spout rise. Use the hookshot to get across the opening quickly. Now head back to the main room.

Now go through the door on the bottom floor in the middle of the room. Use the hookshot again to reach a higher level. Then play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water level. Now you must put the Iron boots on, and jump down to the place where the floating block used to be. You can now walk under it. Jump into the hole and swim through the path until you get to a room. Put your iron boots on (if they are not already on) and hit the diamond switch with your sword. Now float up to the room with the treasure chest. Open the chest to get another sliver KEY.

Now go back to the room with the floating block and go out the door on the second floor. Go out the door and search for the only door that you can jump to from the second level. Go through it and stand on the water spout. Now hit the diamond with an arrow. This will raise you to the third floor. Jump off and go through the door.

Now walk up to the Triforce on the wall and play Zelda's Lullaby on the Ocarina to raise the water. Now jump to the third floor. Raising the water will allow you to reach another door with a lock on it. Jump to it and open it. This is kind of tough, so don't get mad if  you fall down the hole.

Jump to the platform right in front of the entrance, then jump down to the next one. Now aim your hookshot at the moving blocks. Keep moving from block to block, going up, until you get to the next door with a lock on it. Now open that door to be in a room with many dragon heads and spiders. This is the confusing part, kind of.

Shoot the diamond in the center of the room to raise the water level. Now use your hookshot and go across the water to the nearest statue. Now shoot the center diamond again, and cross the next place to get to the far side of the room. You should now be next to a dragon head you can jump over. so jump over it. Now shoot the diamond again. This will let you fly across the next place with your hookshot. Aim it at the hookshot catcher thing, then hit the diamond again with your hookshot. This should lower the dragon head right next to a ledge. Stand on the head and hit the diamond with your hookshot, or an arrow.

This should bring you to a place with spiders and a big blob. Kill the spiders first. Now through bombs at the blob until it melts. Shoot your hookshot at the ceiling above where the blob was. This will allow you to open antoher door. Go through it to find a crystal clear lake.

Walk on the island in the center and turn around. You should see dark Link. Use Z-Locking to keep him in your sight at all times. Hit him with a sword and try to catch him off guard. After you beat him, you will get the much needed longshot.

Now walk behind the treasure chest and walk right next to the block in the floor. Play the Song of Time to remove it. Now jump down the hole and you will now be in a river. Swim downstream, avoiding 'vortexes' and make it to a small platform on the left side of the river. Now turn around and fire an arrow at the yellow eye. This will open a gate. Use your longshot to grapple on to the chest and pull yourself over to it. Now go to the right and jump down into the water, and head back to the main room.

Go to the place that you first lowered the water at and lower it to the first level.  Now go to the main room and to the room in the center and raise the water to the second level. Now go out the door and look for a gate on the second level with an eye under it. Now shoot the eye with an arrow and quickly get out the longshot and aim for the longshot catcher.

When you are at the other side, turn left and walk down the passageway until you get to a large, pinkish block. Push it as far as it will go, then go to the left. Open the chest to reveal another KEY. Now go to the main room and go to the place to raise the water to the third level. Now put on your iron boots and sink to the bottom. Go through the north passage all the way then turn around and face up.

You should see a hookshot catcher, so fire your longshot at it. Now turn around to see a locked door with a catcher above it. Fire the longshot over there to get to the door. Now open it and get to a room with many spiders and boulders. Put your iron boots on and jump in so you don't get sucked down the whirlpool. When you get to the other side, get up to the ledge and open the door.

Now you will get to a room with a switch. Now jump up to the left ledge and blow up the wall with bombs. Now push the block as far as it will go and get back to the room. Go to the other side of the water and blow up the crack there. Now pull the block until you go as far as you can. Then go back to the other hole and then push the block down on to the switch.

This will raise the water allowing you to go to the door above the ledge. Now go up the ledges to the door and open it. Now you will be in a room with a switch. Step on the switch and then quickly jump across the spouts to the next door. Open the door to come to a passageway. Walk straight and wait until the boulder falls, then put your iron boots on and go right and down the passageway under the waterfall.

Now past the clam and up to the locked door. Open it to find the BIG KEY. Now head back to the main room. Now head to the third floor and open the boss door across on one of the ledges. Run up the path not getting hit by spikes, then go to the next room. This is where you will fight Morpha. You must grab the red thing with the hookshot, then hit it with your sword. After you defeat him (or her), get the heart and go into the hole.
Now off to Death Mountain and the Fire Temple....
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